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If you have a testimony from the services that you have received through Last Stop Counselling Services, then we would love to hear from you. Please, email your testimnonial at: Your testimony is very important to us!

Highly recommended

I was at a place in my life where I could no longer hide from childhood issues that were a negatively impacting my life and relationships with family and friends.

Last stop counselling services came highly recommended to me by a friend. I recall feeling very nervous and frightened on my first visit; but I came away from that visit thinking “wow somebody listened and understood how I feel, and can actually help me”. I initially intended to have only six weeks therapy, however this turned into a year as I began to see my life changing for the better. The mask that I had been wearing all my life was slowly coming off and with every visit my wounds were healing, but more importantly I began to love me more and more.  I continue to periodically use Last Stop Counselling Services when everyday life becomes overwhelming and I need to put the pieces of the puzzle in order.


I was very broken…

I had some therapy with Maureen at Last stop counselling service some years back. It was a point in my life when I was very broken as a result of entrenched rejection which seemed to impact every facet of my life. I was blinded to the negative impact it was having on my life and unaware of the fact that I had worn a ‘mask’ for most of my adult life.

I had always felt vulnerable discussing my inner thoughts and feelings. Therapy with Maureen introduced me to the concept of self-reflection through journaling and being able to pinpoint those areas in my life that were traumatic and painful. By being able to bring these feelings and thoughts to the sessions, I was able to talk them through and literally felt walls that I had built up throughout life fall down.

My relationships with significant members of my family improved and I felt free to be ‘me’.

As I result of therapy I am in a much better place in my life and have learnt to deal with issues as they arise instead of internalising them.


My wife and I…

My wife and I attended counselling at Last Stop Counselling for about 2 years.
We learnt communication, understanding and hierarchy from the counselling sessions. The sessions helped us to strengthen our marriage and improve tolerance in our marriage and family. We have learnt the God perspective to marriage and family which we continue to imbibe into our daily lives. The counselling equipped us with practical bible based tools which are very applicable through life.
We will highly recommend Last Stop Counselling Service to everyone. Thank you Maureen Smith.

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