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Style dark (default)

Small Medium Large

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[button size="small"]Small[/button]
[button size="medium"]Medium[/button]
[button size="large"]Large[/button]

Style light

Small Medium Large

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[button size="small" style="light"]Small[/button]
[button size="medium" style="light"]Medium[/button]
[button size="large" style="light"]Large[/button]

Predefined button styles

White Black Gray Limon Pink Burgund

Coffee Orange Purple Blue Teal

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[button size="small" style="white"]White[/button]
[button size="small" style="black"]Black[/button]
[button size="small" style="gray"]Gray[/button]
[button size="small" style="limon"]Limon[/button]
[button size="small" style="pink"]Pink[/button]
[button size="small" style="burgund"]Burgund[/button]
[button size="small" style="coffee"]Coffee[/button]
[button size="small" style="orange"]Orange[/button]
[button size="small" style="purple"]Purple[/button]
[button size="small" style="blue"]Blue[/button]
[button size="small" style="teal"]Teal[/button]

Custom background and text colors

#2b7f1a #3b86f7

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[button bgColor="#2b7f1a"]#2b7f1a[/button]
[button style="light" textColor="#3b86f7"]#3b86f7[/button]

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